Us, the Cats...

Hello, miaow, stretch, yawn, purr---!

Welcome to our home page "Kathia-cats".

My name is Denny-Fortuna, and I am a Main-Coon tom cat. I live in Kathia’s house with my fiancée Jenny Capello-Rosso, a three coloured lucky cat. Kathia is our personal court, artist, housekeeper, hairdresser, char-lady and cook. She looks after us in every respect to our complete satisfaction. Kathia has devoted the best part of her life and her art to the glorification of velvety paws. How right she is! We didn't expect her to be so super-intelligent. She is, after all is said and done, only a human being! If you ask her, she might paint a beautiful picture for you. On the gallery page you will find some of Kathia's pictures. I wish you, dear people, much joy in perusing them. Oh, by the way, one can also purchase these works of art!
Yours, Denny.